Foothill High School - Class of 1967

In remembrance of Mustangs no longer with us.

We grew up in a time of change, where flowers were children, gatherings were demonstrations, and music pumped through or veins. Our spirits were untamed as Mustangs chasing the wind. Yet we created the information age, put men on the moon, and created the most benevolent society the world has ever seen. We charged into the new millennium with our fingers crossed, fearing a dark age around the corner. We met every challenge head on, becoming the forefathers of the New Age. With heart felt sympathy, some were lost along the way. We give thanks to lost Mustangs whom helped shape our lives.
Mustangs ride forever In remembrance of...
Please Note, This list has not been updated for some 20 years. If you know of other deceased '67 Mustangs please email the Web Administrator for necessary changes. Thank you!
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