S/V Crewless - Victoria One Design

Hey, which end is the pointy end?

Radio controlled model sailing can be enjoyed by the whole family. The Victoria is an excellant entry choice to the sport being economical and high performance. The American Model Yachting Association has established a Victoria Racing Class with a regional and national racing schedule. "Crewless" sail number 658, will showcase a custom carbon fiber mast of my own design.

Length: 30.7 Sail Area: 433
Beam: 7.7 I = 38
Draft: 8.2 J = 13.8
Disp: not tellin' P = 32.5
Mast AWL: 45.8 E = 10.8

Circa 1965, R/C model sailboats became readily available and established the popularity of R/C model sailing... The AMYA is devoted to promoting the designing, building, racing, and preservation of all model sailing yachts. The Victoria is an inexpensive "One Design" class suitable for entry in the sport. For more, see the Victoria One Design Class page.

Thank you for stopping by, mate. Check back again... Photos are forthcoming. -Swab